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Wall Lamellas

Are you in the process of looking for inspiration to create a unique interior in your own home? You're in luck. We invite you to explore our exceptional offer on wall lamellas, a solution that gained tremendous popularity several years ago. At that time, wooden panels were practically a staple in every Polish home. Now this trend is making a comeback, but with concrete cladding materials taking the lead. We present a rich collection of wall lamellas. Familiarize yourself with the details of our assortment and design a unique space.

Exclusive Concrete Wall Slats as an Alternative to Wooden Panels

At this moment, you're probably wondering why you should consider concrete wall slats. Allow us, as experienced experts, to dispel your doubts. The wall slats offered by our company, VHCT, are undoubtedly more durable than their wooden counterparts. The use of such cladding deserves special attention. High-quality concrete wall slats can be confidently installed inside your home or apartment or on the exterior as building cladding. Increased resistance to various destructive factors makes concrete wall panels slats ideal for use in hot weather, freezing temperatures, rain, or even snow. Especially for the most demanding customers, we have ensured that our wall slats from our range are distinguished by a rich color palette. This will undoubtedly facilitate the creation of unique compositions, especially since we offer you vertical wall slats or an alternative in the form of horizontal panels.

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Concrete wall slats will enhance the design of any home. Check out some sample inspirations from our company VHCT.

We are convinced that our concrete wall slats will become a major trend in many interior designs, just like wooden cladding did in the past. With your needs in mind, we have created an extremely attractive offer that stands out with affordable prices for every budget. As specialists with years of experience, we will help you create interiors with a unique finish. Concrete wall slats highlight the original character and atmosphere of the most important rooms for you. You can confidently place them in your living room, kitchen, or even hallway. The wall panels slats featured on our website work perfectly in loft, minimalist, modern, or classic interiors. Discover for yourself that versatility in application, attractive prices, and high-quality components can go hand in hand.

Wall Slats 38A Wall Slats 39B Wall Slats 40B Wall Slats 41A

Custom Modernity - Wall Slats from VHCT Will Amaze All Design Enthusiasts

Wall slats were once associated with decorative wooden moldings, which were rarely seen in interiors until recently. Placed side by side at regular intervals, they were mounted on walls vertically or horizontally. Interior design trends often surprise us, and recently, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of this design form. Our VHCT company has decided to surprise customers by presenting a collection of wall slats with concrete cladding materials in a modern form. This rich collection of wall slats in a modern form has become a hit among many interior designers - and today, you can give character to the rooms in your home. The limitless aesthetic possibilities, as well as the lack of frequent and time-consuming maintenance requirements, place concrete wall slats in a very high position among the most popular wall decorations. The characteristic feature of products made of concrete is industrial design, making wall panels slats desirable not only for interior designers but also for private individuals interested in this interesting form of decoration.

What Sets Our Concrete Wall Slats Apart?

Architectural concrete is the hallmark of VHCT. Wall slats made of this material are much more durable than their wooden counterparts. Their versatile use, both inside and outside the home, deserves special attention. Increased resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage means that wall panels slats can withstand all types of frost, heat, rain, and snow. In the case of our architectural concrete, each customer receives a thirty-year warranty, although VHCT offers a 100% quality guarantee for its panels. Our experience and creativity have allowed us to create an entire collection of wall slats - so both lovers of classics and unique, modern design will find something that perfectly suits their tastes. The collection includes a variety of patterns and colors that even top interior designers would not disdain.

Wall Slats 42A Wall Slats 41B Wall Slats 40A Wall Slats 39A

What Sets Our Wall Slats Apart? Attention to Every Detail

Throughout the entire product creation process, we use only natural raw materials - our quality certificates CE and PZH confirm our words. We care about the environment, respecting every aspect of nature. We pay special attention to ensuring that our wall slats are well-crafted from the very beginning. We do not believe in half measures or any "buts" when it comes to ecology. VHCT is the first manufacturer of architectural concrete panels in Poland, and top companies use our products. We approach each collaboration individually, wanting to best match wall slats to the interior of the ordering person. An additional highlight of our business is our independently developed, proprietary line of building chemicals: concrete adhesives, primers, and impregnants. Even though concrete has an advantage over wood, it also requires a specific type of care.

Installation Methods and Care for VHCT Wall Slats

In our offer, you will find both vertical wall slats and panels dedicated for horizontal installation. You will find everything you need to create a unique composition on the wall of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom - so you don't have to search endlessly. We guarantee high quality of our products, regardless of their form. Staying on the subject of installation and care for wall slats, it is worth taking a closer look at how to care for their condition and aesthetics. It is best to impregnate architectural concrete every 2-3 years; by doing so, you will effectively prevent the panels from getting dirty. They will then maintain high aesthetics and durability. However, do not forget about basic maintenance activities, such as dusting. In this way, by taking care of wall slats, you can enjoy them for a very long time. It is worth mentioning that concrete complements plant elements and practically any intense color. Wall panels slats made of architectural concrete from our company are evidence that high-quality components, versatility of use, and attractive prices can go hand in hand. Do you want to learn more? We cordially invite you to contact us!

Wall Slats - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

#1 Can I install wall slats on the exterior of my home?

Of course! We see no reason not to, especially when it comes to our products. VHCT experts have ensured that wall slats look excellent both inside and outside. Their resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as their strong technical properties, such as durability and resistance to mechanical damage, make them perfect as decorative wall elements on the exterior of buildings.

#2 Do wall slats need cleaning?

All wall decorations gather dust - for aesthetic and, in some cases, health reasons, they should be regularly cleaned. Periodic impregnation is also important. However, it is worth emphasizing that caring for wall slats made of architectural concrete is incomparably easier than maintaining their wooden counterparts in good condition.

#3 How long do I have to wait for my order for wall slats?

Nobody likes to wait a long time for their delivery - that's why at VHCT, we offer lightning-fast order fulfillment, with a maximum turnaround time of three days from the customer's order placement. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal!