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Installation of Architectural Concrete

Architectural concrete panels continue to enjoy unwavering popularity. Their unique appearance makes them suitable for creating exterior facades or striking interior decorations. When deciding to purchase architectural concrete panels, it's essential to choose the appropriate installation system. It's crucial for the installation of architectural concrete to be carried out on stable, rigid, and strong surfaces. VHCT is a leading manufacturer of architectural concrete in Poland. On our website, you will find instructions for two types of installations: interior and exterior, for ventilated facades.

Choose the Right Installation for Architectural Concrete Panels with Our Help!

The proper selection of the installation system for architectural concrete panels has a significant impact on the overall stability of the structure. With our extensive experience in manufacturing architectural concrete panels, our specialists are here to assist you in choosing the right installation system for your concrete. We also encourage you to review the visual instructions available on our website. The cost of installation depends on the chosen system. VHCT offers services and a service related to panel installation, including cutting, beveling at a 45-degree angle, and impregnating the panels to meet your specific needs.