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Fir Tree Tiles

Designing your own four walls can be an incredibly challenging task, especially considering the vast array of stylistic options available on today's market. One such option is the unique jodełka tiles. In this category, we present an extensive collection of jodełka wall tiles. This classic pattern is experiencing a real renaissance in popularity today. At VHCT, we respond to the growing interest in this type of wall finish. We are confident that our French jodełka tile offerings will meet even the most extravagant customer expectations. Take a look at previously created examples of their use, which can radically transform any interior!

Fir Pattern, Not Only on the Floor but Also on the Wall. Discover the Most Popular Stylistic Trend of Recent Years

The fir pattern is a timeless stylistic solution that made a true breakthrough in Polish homes several years ago. Everyone remembers the characteristic arrangement of floor panels. So, it's no wonder that over time, the fir pattern has also found its way onto the walls. It's a highly versatile trend because high-quality fir tiles, which our company VHCT offers, can be successfully installed not only in the hallway but also in the bathroom, kitchen, or even in the living room, which is a favorite space for anyone specialized in interior design. Although fir tiles on the wall are a classic choice, we give them a modern character. Thanks to this factor, they become an extremely popular material for all types of apartments, regardless of the chosen interior design style. Just take a look at our sample projects with fir tiles.

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Rely on Our Many Years of Experience. We Offer Excellent Fir Tiles in Every Respect

In our quest to maximize customer satisfaction, we have taken great care to ensure that our range of fir tiles is characterized by top-notch quality and competitive pricing at a very high level. We understand very well that when it comes to this type of wall finish, many of our potential business partners will pay attention to costs. Only with us can you define attractive prices for fir wall tiles. Specifically tailored to the most demanding customers, our specialists have carefully selected versatile materials that will excel in virtually any interior. Years of experience guide us to believe that French fir tiles are the most exciting choice in terms of various, original combinations. Discover its benefits firsthand. Feel free to contact us; we will gladly advise you on which fir tiles will best complement your vision for decorating your home or apartment.

Płytki jodełka PB 35 płytki w jodełkę 50A Płytki jodełka 44A Płytki jodełka 45A

Once at the Royal Court, Now in Your Home - Fir Tiles

Decorating an apartment is a series of choices and dilemmas, especially since the modern market offers a plethora of stylistic accessories. Among the modern design innovations, there are also inspirations drawn from the past. Fir tiles are a symbol of the grand return of the beloved pattern of King Francis I of France. In the 16th century, they were a symbol of luxury and good taste. They covered the floors of courts and aristocrats' estates, and their sudden rise in popularity came during the Baroque era when opulence went hand in hand with excellent interior design. In Poland, fir tiles are a symbol of interior decoration during the times of the People's Republic of Poland. This pattern has always given character to the interior, emphasizing the room's qualities - there was no need for many decorations as the parquet itself was an extremely designer element. Shortly after this craze for fir tiles died down, but today it is gaining new admirers, appearing in modern apartments in a slightly different form. Fir wall tiles are a new version of the pattern that people all over the world have fallen in love with - at VHCT, we present our unique collection, with fir tiles as the main theme. We are confident that it will meet even the most demanding expectations.

Fir Wall Tiles - Which Room Are They Best Suited For?

Fir tiles can be laid on the entire wall or on a specific part of it. The timeless pattern will work perfectly in any room. Using them in the living room will emphasize the uniqueness of this room just as much as in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. One of the most interesting ideas is fir wall tiles behind the TV or near the corner of the living area. In this case, the possibilities are truly unlimited. The final effect depends on the type and color of the tiles you choose. Of course, the way the tiles are laid also matters - there are currently three main styles:

  • Classic fir - the shorter side of the first tile is connected to the longer side of the next one at a right angle.

  • French fir - also known as the chevron variant, where the tiles are laid at a 45° angle.

  • Hungarian fir - parallelograms are cut and connected to each other with shorter sides, maintaining a 60° angle.

In our collection, you will find both individual tiles and sets of tiles formed in a specific style. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, you can customize fir tiles to your own needs and preferences. We currently have the trendiest color variants of tiles, ranging from almost pristine white to deep black, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Płytki jodełka 46A płytki w jodełkę 47A Płytki jodełka 48A Płytki jodełka 49A

Fir Tiles Made of Architectural Concrete - a New Dimension Set by VHCT

Fir tiles made of architectural concrete are a modernized version of wooden classics. They don't require as detailed maintenance, consistently impressing with their impeccable form. Easy to clean and resistant to changing temperatures, they can be installed in highly demanding spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop a unique collection of wall tiles in fir pattern that combine modern design with inspiration from centuries past. Fashion in interior design always follows a certain circle, and its final result is products adapted to our contemporary times – including fir tiles. Architectural concrete, thanks to its properties, is the material of the future for us, from which we can create high-quality products that meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The original recipe and proprietary methods of creating products have placed us high in the rankings of Polish manufacturers.

At VHCT, We Offer 100% Quality Guarantee for Our Panels - See for Yourself

We are the first manufacturer of architectural concrete panels in Poland. Modern production of fir tiles made of architectural concrete is one of our top achievements. We constantly prove that an attractive price can go hand in hand with high quality, and we offer up to 30 years of warranty for our architectural concrete. VHCT includes conscious producers and design enthusiasts - we create products exclusively from natural materials, and our environmentally friendly production methods have been additionally confirmed by CE and PZH quality certificates. Additionally, you can purchase our proprietary line of construction chemicals specifically designed for architectural concrete. Anyone looking to purchase fir wall tiles can count on professional advice from our advisors, who will make every effort to select the perfect tiles. Modernity and good design are just a few of our special qualities. We are happy to share our projects, which serve as confirmation of our earlier words. No project is too daunting for us - we always approach each order individually, taking into account the customer's opinion and vision.

Fir Tiles - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

#1 Are fir tiles made of architectural concrete too heavy for interior walls?

No. Our products are known for their lightness and ease of installation - they do not overly burden the walls, serving as a durable and elegant finishing element.

#2 Do fir tiles made of architectural concrete require impregnation?

Yes, however, unlike wood, wall fir tiles do not require impregnation as often. Depending on usage intensity, impregnation should be repeated every 2-3 years. In highly used spaces like the kitchen or bathroom, regular maintenance is recommended. How well architectural concrete is cared for defines its impeccable appearance.

#3 Does VHCT have distributors of fir tiles?

Yes! We are located in Bielany Wrocławskie, Berlin, and London! Our authorized showrooms can be found in Spain (where sales points are also located), Italy, and Slovakia. Additionally, our branches serve major Polish cities, including Warsaw, Poznań, Szczecin, and Łódź! We cordially invite you to contact us!