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Inspirations for Facades

Architectural concrete facades are a highly functional finishing solution known for their distinctive appearance. The aesthetic qualities make architectural concrete for exteriors increasingly popular for the facades of houses as well as public or office buildings. VHCT produces architectural concrete for facades using a special formula to ensure the highest technical parameters. Our architectural concrete for facades is resistant to adverse external factors. We offer a 30-year warranty on our architectural concrete! We guarantee that our architectural concrete facade panels will perform well in all conditions.

Unique Building Facade? Opt for Architectural Concrete Facade Panels!

Architectural concrete facade is a modern and highly original way to finish the exterior of a building. The visual effect it provides on the outside is often described as exclusive. If you're looking for a unique, minimalist arrangement, architectural concrete is the perfect solution. VHCT offers an original selection of over 30 modern concrete designs. Only with us, you will find concrete facade panels in more than 10 colors. We guarantee that with our products, every building will achieve a modern and prestigious appearance. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so quality goes hand in hand with competitive pricing. Feel free to contact us; our specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the best architectural concrete for your project.