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The Largest Selection of 3D Concrete Patterns in Europe

15 years of international experience

We are proud to offer the largest selection of 3D patterns in concrete in Europe.

Thanks to advanced technology and our passion for innovative solutions, we can
provide you with an endless variety of patterns that will add a unique character
to your projects.

Whether you are an architect, designer, or a private customer, you will find a pattern
that meets your expectations with us.

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Architectural Concrete Panels / 3D Panels

VHCT presents a rich collection of architectural concrete panels in various three-dimensional patterns. Our years of experience and immense creativity allow us to offer incredible 3D panels that will transform any interior design. Architectural concrete 3D meets the expectations of even the most demanding individuals.

By choosing this natural, high-quality finishing material, you achieve an impressive visual effect. Decorative 3D panels give a modern and distinctive look to every interior project!

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Architectural Concrete Panels / 2D Panels

VHCT's architectural concrete panels are available in various dimensions and thicknesses. The surface can feature perforations or, upon special request, be completely smooth. They come in 10 different shades and shades of gray. We recommend gray colors in particular, but we also encourage you to explore bolder options with white or warm ivory architectural concrete.

Additionally, please consider taking advantage of our 3D panel offerings, which, when combined with 2D panels, create stunning interior effects. The panels are available in dimensions that allow for seamless integration on a single wall.

Delivery time for 2D architectural concrete panels is always: 3-4 days

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Architectural Concrete Panels / Long

LONG Panels from VHCT are the perfect choice for those seeking unconventional and unique decorations. The LONG collection is an entirely original concept - we are the only ones producing concrete panels with a length of 210 cm. LONG panels are elongated, not too wide, featuring exceptional patterns and, of course, concrete material. This large format panel size is both subtle, elegant, and modern.

Subtle embellishments add a unique charm to these panels. They will undoubtedly shine not only in modern residential spaces but also in commercial properties. LONG panels can also be excellent partners in hotel interior design, especially in lobbies and corridors. They are also highly suitable as facade cladding, particularly in the presence of beautiful gardens.

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Learn More About VHCT

We are a company with 15 years of international experience, which guarantees our reliability and professionalism.

Over the years, we have gained the trust of our customers thanks to the high quality of our products and excellent service.

Our team of experts is well-versed in the concrete industry and is ready to share their knowledge and experience to make your projects spectacular and durable.

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Consumer Reviews

I highly recommend the company and their products. They have a very professional approach even to small customers. The results confirm the quality of the product. Highly recommended!!

I highly recommend the company. Professional approach and dialogue with the customer. Fast order fulfillment. I am very satisfied. I bought concrete panels. I sincerely recommend VHCT.

I have personally been using VHCT products for several years and I am satisfied with them. A wide range of products, from simple wall panels made of architectural concrete to three-dimensional shapes, terrace panels, and even planters. A rich range of shades of white and gray, a short waiting period for deliveries, and the durability of the materials allow for their installation outdoors. I recommend it.

I highly recommend VHCT company. Excellent service, very fast order fulfillment. The product quality is very good. Individual approach to each project entrusted to VHCT company. Cooperation with VHCT is a guarantee of quality and success.

I have been cooperating with VHCT company for several years and I sincerely recommend their concrete panels. You can find classic flat 2D panels and 3D panels with a variety of patterns that are surprising. A wide selection of concrete panel colors, very good contact because it's substantive and factual. The technical support department is very helpful in providing installation instructions. I recommend VHCT company!

VHCT concrete is fantastic for interior design. It looks beautiful in my living room. The product quality is very high. Another advantage is the friendly and helpful staff at the company. I recommend it!

Top quality! The visual effect exceeded our wildest expectations ☺️ High-level contact with the company ☺️ We recommend and greet you ☺️

Very interesting design, high-quality wall panels that, of course, require a bit of waiting, but it is definitely worth it. Fantastic 3D effect

Interesting product!

Fantastic products, very good in terms of quality and design. I highly recommend it!

The product is of the highest quality. You need to carefully choose the color, but the effect is fantastic.

Great material that can be used to create great patterns. I highly recommend it!

A wide selection of patterns and colors. I highly recommend it!

Excellent, designer products at a world-class level. Timely and on time. I recommend it

Highly recommend, professional customer approach. I recommend it!!!

Super product at a good price. I recommend it

Fantastic idea and what an effect.

A reliable company, I can safely recommend architectural concrete from VHCT.

I recommend it.

Highly recommended


VHCT - Leader in Architectural Concrete Industry
- Key Information About Us:

Key Information About VHCT
  • First manufacturer of architectural concrete panels in Poland
  • Modern production of exterior and interior architectural concrete panels
  • Original collection of architectural concrete panels featuring over 60 designs
  • We provide a 30-year warranty on architectural concrete
  • 100% quality guarantee on concrete panels
  • In-house line of construction chemicals: impregnants, primers, and adhesives for concrete
  • Products with CE and PZH quality certificates
  • Professional advice for all customers
  • Rapid order fulfillment, within a maximum of 3 days

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