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Professional mounting adhesive for architectural concrete

Additional information

DESTINATION: For thin-layer (up to 10 mm) bonding of architectural concrete and natural stone panels on all types of interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces (except for gypsum plaster).

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ready-to-use polymer adhesive in a tube.

PROPERTIES: Resistant to atmospheric influences (moisture and frost) and efflorescence; with adequate flexibility, strength, adhesion, and shrinkage; easy to apply. Does not discolor or deform architectural concrete.

USAGE: Approx. 1 tube/1.5 m2

PACKAGING: Tubes 290 ml

Properties of architectural concrete

  • Architectural concrete For indoor and outdoor use

    For indoor and outdoor use

  • Architectural concrete Weather-resistant


  • Architectural concrete Available in many colors and dimensions

    Available in many colors and dimensions

  • Architectural concrete Fire-resistant - can be used on fireplaces

    Fire-resistant - can be used on fireplaces

  • Architectural concrete Natural




Where will you install?

  • Concrete, mineral, ceramic, and plaster surfaces
  • Drywall
  • OSB, MDF, HPL, PCW boards
  • Thanks to the small thickness of the plates, their weight has been minimized, facilitating installation. Before purchasing, check the weight of the plates. The mounting surface should be load-bearing to support the weight of the plates.

How to install?

  • Plates can be mounted directly to the substrate using glue, screws, or a mounting system.
  • For adhesive installation: clean and prime the surface. Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel to both the wall and the plate. Do not apply the adhesive in patches or in a "frame."
  • The thickness of the adhesive between the wall and the plate should not exceed 10 mm.
  • If there are doubts about whether the surface can support the weight of the plate, you can create a frame with OSB boards mechanically attached to the wall or secure the plates with screws.
  • Find all installation instructions here:
    Technical Sheet.pdf

Needed for installation

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