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Hydrophobic impregnation for architectural concrete VHCT

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A colorless hydrophobic impregnation preparation for mineral surfaces, based on siloxane resins and water glass.

APPLICATION RANGE: Colorless protection against rainwater hydrophobization of concrete, structural elements of concrete, plaster, cellular concrete, facing bricks, concrete cladding panels, natural stone. Examples of use: • Protecting architectural concrete panels from heavy soiling• Preventive protection of architectural concrete from carbonation. • Colorless hydrophobic protection of historical and architectural heritage buildings or buildings with specific architecture• Hydrophobic protection of concrete walls and walls made of brick, synthetic stone, and absorbent ceramic tiles.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The impregnation is a colorless liquid based on siloxane resins, containing a solvent, characterized by a high ability to impregnate all absorbent mineral materials used in construction. After application to the absorbent surface, the impregnation penetrates deeply into the substrate and reacts with moisture, resulting in the hydrophobization of pores and capillaries. Thanks to these properties, without changing the appearance of the surface, the hydrophobic impregnation effectively protects against the action of aggressive atmospheric factors that could penetrate into the material along with water. The impregnation is highly resistant to UV radiation. Impregnation with the preparation is insufficient as a waterproofing agent for:• Horizontal surfaces (terraces, balconies); • Underground floors;• Water tanks; • Gypsum surfaces;• Synthetic plasters and surfaces painted with synthetic paints. Before starting work with VHCT preparation, tests should be carried out to determine its impact on any change in the color of natural stone, colored plasters, or other types of substrates characterized by non-uniform absorbency.

PACKAGING: 1 kg containers

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