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PB 00 G – 600 x 600 x 10 mm

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GOLF 600×600 MM

- Architectural concrete panels with dimensions of 60×60 cm are modules for the 120×60 panel size or can be used as standalone panels.
They are typically available in thicknesses of 1.5 cm or 2 cm. They can be combined with 120×60 panels or in modules with varying thicknesses on a single wall.
They look great in modern spaces where the wall is intended to be a decorative element of the interior.
This highly durable and aesthetically finished material will undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Order processing time: 3-4 days.
Available in 10 colors. Black and anthracite are available for an additional fee.
The panels feature characteristic holes across the entire surface.
Important installation information can be found in the "Download" section: Download

To place an order, simply send an inquiry to: biuro@vhct.pl

For panel installation, use professional materials dedicated to architectural concrete:
Building Chemistry

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