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Cementitious adhesive VHCT-SILVER, type C2TE

Highly flexible two-component adhesive for architectural concrete, ceramic tiles and natural stone.

DESTINATION: For thin-layer (up to 10 mm) bonding of architectural concrete and natural stone slabs on wall and floor surfaces indoors and outdoors in situations requiring a connection with increased flexibility and strength, on objects such as:- Walls - Floors - Balconies, terraces, garages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ready-made, dry, powdered, packaged mixtures of binders (Portland cement), natural aggregates, and additives, which, when mixed with water, create C2TE-type construction adhesives.

PROPERTIES: Resistant to atmospheric influences (moisture and frost) and efflorescence; With appropriate flexibility, strength, adhesion, and shrinkage; Efficient and easy to apply, with a sufficiently long open time.

USAGE: From approx. 2.5 kg/m2 to approx. 5 kg/m2, depending on the type of slabs and the thickness of the adhesive layer. The final material consumption depends on local conditions, and it is recommended to determine it based on tests carried out on a representative substrate.

PACKAGING: Layered bags, 25 kg each.

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